How to navigate to SMA(System Management Application) in pega

Navigate as per below screen shot. After clicking on link, SMA will open in the new window.


you can check the configured URL for SMA in DesignerStudio => System => Settings =>URLs => SMA.
SMA URL Syntax: hostname:port/prsysmgmt
There is no need to always go to sma through designer studio, can also directly open this link on the browser.

Pega 7 Platform terms in view of Java terms

Below are the relations between pega term and Java terms :

Pega 7 Platform Term Rule Type in Pega Java Term
expressions Java expressions
data transforms Rule-Obj-Model initializers, constructors
activities Rule-Obj-Activity public Java instance methods with a void return type
method Rule-Method system-supplied stored procedure
properties Rule-Obj-Property instance variables
Single Value property Java String object
rule resolution inheritance
property of mode Page List repeating group
overridden rule overloaded method
When condition rule Rule-Obj-When if statement
decision tree Rule-Declare-DecisionTree nested if statement
Type for Value mode properties primitive data types. Most Java primitive data types are available as Pega 7 Platform Types.
primary page of an activity this keyword
ultimate base class @baseclass Object class — topmost class
Value Group property mode HashMap

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