What is harness/ Section/ Layout ?

Any screen in pega, UI is built by three elements: harness + section + Layout.
Harness - Full screen that contains sections.
Section - Seperate parts like header, search results, footer are sections under harness.
Layout - A layout organizes UI elements within a section.


What is p:r in HTML Code?

The p:r tag is used to to insert parameter values, to allow users to put values for properties, and to display the values of properties.
Syntax: <p:r n="[propertyreference]" [f="option"] [m="mode"]/>
    n - (name) - it takes property reference, refers variable in current stream dynamically.
    f - (format) - it presents the property using a control rule.
    m - (presentation) - it controls the presentation and processing behaviour. Default value: display
Example: <p:r n='Param.userName' />

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